Trine is the Head Designer and Product Manager. She graduated as a designer in the 80s from VIA University. The experience gained from working in the clothing industry is applied to working with trends and colors. Trine finds inspiration in the nature where she resides in the countryside with her horse, dog, and a passion for a self-sustaining garden.

Trine's journey in the textile industry has been rich and diverse. With her roots in design, she has evolved alongside the industry, adapting to new technologies and various drawing programs. Her experience and versatility contribute to the unique touch she brings to our collections.

With a great passion for colors and design, Trine is behind our AVALANA and basic collections, combining timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Her country estate, nestled in the heath and forest, serves both as a retreat and a source of creativity.

Trine's joy lies in the entire creative journey of the design process and the realization of a collection. The ability to develop new ideas within a team and see those ideas materialize through collaboration with our design team fuels her passion for design. Her commitment to staying updated with trends and pushing the boundaries of creativity defines Trine as an experienced and innovative designer in the textile industry.






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