Sue Penn

Sue Penn's passion for art and creation began during her childhood, where she developed a deep love for all things artistic. Supported by her grandmother, she had the opportunity to explore her artistic talents through six years of drawing and painting classes. As she entered her early twenties, Sue's affection for sewing, quilting, and everything related to fabric blossomed. She fondly recalls that her children's first words were "pattern" and "fabric," a testament to her enduring connection to these creative pursuits.

For over two decades, Sue has been actively designing fabric. Her foremost fascination lies in color, and she finds inspiration in her vast collection of vintage and antique fabrics. However, it is her hand-painted designs that hold a special place in her heart. Sue's creative journey extends beyond her artistic endeavors, as she is also a proud mother to four married children and twelve energetic grandchildren, who bring joy to her life.






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