Shell Rummel

Shell Rummel, an esteemed designer, has left a remarkable imprint in the realms of fine art, wedding, and stationery for nearly two decades. With a fervent dedication to crafting exquisite products that embody her unique design aesthetic, Shell's primary focus lies in establishing a brand presence in the realm of home decor. Collaborating with renowned licensing partners, she ventures into bedding, bath textiles, rugs, tabletop items, accessories, and fabric by the yard.

The brand's essence is characterized by tranquil, sophisticated, and gracefully fluid art and design, all unified by Shell's distinctive painterly style. Watercolors serve as her preferred medium, allowing for the unpredictability and subtle imperfections that make her patterns beautifully unique. Shell's designs possess an inherent organic quality, evoking a sense of nature's beauty, while simultaneously exuding a refined elegance. Her collections harmoniously blend comfort and contemporary aesthetics, creating spaces that are inviting and modern.

Shell's work is a direct reflection of her keen eye, as she seeks to honor the lines, layers, textures, and colors that captivate her senses. In her own words, "My artistic creation involves engaging all the senses, and my fine art and design are the purest essence of me. I strive for the artist's hand to be felt in all I create."

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