Sew Kind of Wonderful

Jenny and Helen, sisters and creative enthusiasts, have embarked on various artistic ventures together. However, their enduring passion for quilt making has led them back to this craft time and again over the past two decades. As the driving forces behind Sew Kind of Wonderful, they specialize in designing modern, contemporary, and traditional curvy quilt patterns. Their expertise lies in playing with color combinations that breathe life into their quilts. After years of creating countless quilts and experimenting with fabric textures and colors, they have been inspired to develop their own fabric line specifically tailored for quilting.

Nature, geometric designs, tonal color play, and foundational design elements serve as their muses, influencing their fabric creations. Jenny and Helen have a deep appreciation for the entire color spectrum but find particular joy in working with colors within the secondary and tertiary zones. They skillfully utilize deep, rich, dark colors to anchor their design elements while incorporating soft, soothing colors to add a sense of tranquility to their creations.

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