Sarah Sczepanski

Sarah Sczepanski, an artist and designer based in New York City, specializes in the medium of printmaking, particularly monotypes. With a background in art and fashion design, she has dedicated over ten years to honing her printmaking skills, taking advantage of esteemed art schools in NYC such as The National Academy and New York School of the Arts. What draws Sarah to the monotype process is the element of surprise it always brings. She seamlessly incorporates natural and found elements into her work, infusing her prints with a modern and organic aesthetic guided by her keen sense of color and design. Her inspirations stem from the dynamic energy of the bustling city and her childhood spent near the ocean in Massachusetts.

Sarah's artwork has been licensed in collaboration with companies in the home design industry, featuring her designs on pillows, rugs, home textiles, wallpaper, and gift packaging. Through her company, Artxtiles, she offers a range of home décor products showcasing her artwork. Sarah resides in Manhattan with her husband and also works in the fashion industry. Her designs are intended to be mixed and matched, seamlessly complementing a variety of styles. Sarah believes in the fusion of art and functionality, aiming to make her art a cherished and integral part of one's living space.

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