Cori Dantini

Cori Dantini, a practical artist, finds herself immersed in her studio in eastern Washington, surrounded by ink stains, glue dabs, and fragments of paper. Despite her longing to embody the charm of her paper ladies, she devotes her time to her craft amidst the rolling wheat fields of her hometown, Pullman.

Having earned a BFA in painting from Washington State University and honed her skills with various artistic tools, Cori now embraces an organic process that involves layers and language. She allows her materials and process to speak, infusing her work with meaning that emerges through this mysterious and reciprocal artistic journey. Instead of beginning with a predefined message, she seeks inspiration and moments of epiphany, aiming to enrich our daily lives with layered visual poems.

Driven by coffee, muffins, and delightful black licorice, Cori Dantini embarks on a quest to evoke emotions and offer glimpses into the depths of human experience.





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