Brenda Walton

Brenda Walton, raised in an artistic and musical family in Northern California, fostered a love for creative expression from a young age. Guided by her New Zealand-born mother, Brenda learned painting, sewing, and embroidery, developing a deep appreciation for the transformative power of handmade creations.

With a master's degree in studio art, Brenda ventured to New Zealand, where she documented the country's flora and fauna through sketches and honed her calligraphy skills. Upon returning to California, she shared her expertise by teaching art classes while further refining her unique romantic style, blending original watercolors with vintage ephemera.

Brenda's poetic artwork has been widely embraced, appearing in popular greeting card collections, craft products, home decor, and textiles. She discovers inspiration in every corner, with a particular affinity for exploring European gardens, museums, and antique markets.

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