Brandon Mably

Brandon Mably, originally from a small coastal town in South Wales, developed a passion for color and design from an early age. Despite lacking formal design education, he made a bold career shift from cooking to knitting after a fortuitous encounter with the renowned Kaffe Fassett. According to Kaffe himself, Brandon possesses an exceptional eye for style.

Joining Kaffe's studio as an apprentice, Brandon immersed himself in the world of knitwear design. Under Kaffe's guidance, he not only honed his knitting skills but also learned needlepoint, rug hooking, and mosaic grouting. Accompanying Kaffe on global workshops in Africa, Iceland, Guatemala, and India, Brandon absorbed inspiration from vibrant cultures, landscapes, and patterns.

As a passionate and dedicated teacher, Brandon has discovered that most individuals possess an innate sense of color and design, and he finds joy in helping his students uncover their design sensibilities. This ongoing motivation to inspire others continues to drive his own creative work.





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