Hellan has been working as a designer at stoffabrics since 2014, and with a background as a handicraft teacher, it is natural for her to contemplate what a piece of fabric can transform into when she draws and designs.

Hellan emphasizes the importance of developing her own patterns, as she sees patterns as a way to express herself, and she always has a story to tell. To Hellan, it is also important that her collections have good names, and she enjoys playing with words in this context.

Colors play a central role in Hellan's design process, and she loves them all. Her goal is to combine colors in a way that creates a surprising and joyful moment for customers. Hellan finds inspiration in everything she experiences, sees, and feels, which means she is always at work, always creative.

In addition to her work as a designer, Hellan teaches vegetarian cooking. Her eye for color coordination is also evident in the kitchen, where she creates colorful and tasty dishes.

In her free time, Hellan thrives in the garden, where she creates small figures by cutting and trimming boxwood. Her passion for creating extends across different areas – from fabric design to cooking and gardening. For Hellan, the world is an exciting playground where one can move, draw, and unfold, and she believes that magical things can happen when imagination is set free.






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