Astrid is a passionate print designer who draws her inspiration from the daily interactions with other people and the beauty of nature. Her creative journey begins with conversations about other people's passions and extends into the natural environment around her.

Astrid describes her style as very rustic, realistic but not lifelike. She characterizes her designs as an invitation to adventure. Her works are not only visually appealing; they provide a continuous experience where the observer constantly discovers new elements.

Although Astrid is self-taught in textile print design with several years of experience, she still feels young in the industry. Her approach to learning has been "Learn by doing," where she constantly challenges herself and strives to refine her technique daily.

Astrid's background as a commercial clothing designer adds a unique dimension to her print design. Her education has been a source of tools and design processes that she seamlessly adapts to her work as a print designer in the textile industry.

For Astrid, the most fascinating aspect of being a designer is the actual process of creation. Shaping and bringing a print or an entire collection to life from a simple conversation, an inspiring view, or the structure of a small leaf is what motivates her. Being able to create something meaningful and beautiful out of seemingly nothing is what fuels Astrid's passion for design.






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