stoffabrics is a Danish company with tradition

Since the founding of the company in the 70ies, our name has been a guarantee for design and high quality.

In the 80ies, we specialized in patchwork piece goods and quickly felt the inclination to create our own collection.

Therefore, in 1998 we began to travel the world in search of ideas and inspiration. At the time, we found – especially in Japan – an abundance of colors and shapes that we simply had to translate into our own design. This is how our very first Japanese Yarn Dyed collection was born.

Our passion and love for beautiful design and high quality fabrics have always kept us going. Little by little, a unique selection was created:

  • Basics
  • Woven Japanese
  • Pure linen
  • Christmas fabrics
  • Home Decoration
  • Children’s fabrics

In the meantime, our products went worldwide. In Europe alone, we have 15 sales representatives who make sure that our customers are visited, and our office team serves everybody in English, German, French and Scandinavian.

We still travel to Japan and Korea twice a year to keep the close contact to the printers and ensure the good quality and coloring of our fabrics.

The joy and enthusiasm of our customers have always been an incentive to continue in the same spirit that we wish to hand the company over to the next generation in.

Yours truly

Ole Schmidt